The director of Carmon Reestrutura, a civil construction company incorporated under Angolan law, António Cuenda, was received by the First Lady of the Republic of Angola, Ana Dias Lourenço, at the Palácio da Cidade Alta, on Friday 29 November.

At the meeting that served to sign a partnership agreement that places Carmon Reestrutura as official partner of the “Nascer Livre Para Brilhar” project. The First Lady was pleased that Carmon embraced the project and was willing to contribute to the development of other initiatives in favor of all Angolan society.

As these are concrete actions, Ana Dias Lourenço will have Carmon as a partner to boost the project, born free to shine throughout the country.

On the occasion, the Director of Carmon, underlined that the company he runs, in addition to embracing the project to be born free to shine, is engaged in projects such as the literacy program for adults, the national program to fight HIV, fight cancer of the breast and prostate cancer, organization of the math olympics and various initiatives to support charitable homes across the country.

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